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New Baskets on their way!

It's like Christmas for our staff this time of year, with new products being delivered!  We can't wait to dig into the boxes when they arrive! Among the new products are beautiful new containers, new baby items and an exciting new spa line we can't wait to introduce to you!  We also have some delicious new organic popcorn made in Canada, and the most amazing chips from Covered Bridge you've ever tasted, with potatoes grown and manufactured in New Brunswick.  Check back soon!!

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Get your Christmas Baskets!

Just this week, my son yelled out, "Yah!! Only 6 more weeks til Christmas!!"  It made my heart beat a little faster- how did it sneak up on us like this?  I know it may seem early to start planning for Christmas presents for staff, clients, customers, friends and family, but trust me- it will be here before you know it!  Like my son said- only 6 more weeks!! When you place your order early, you are able to pick your preferred delivery date and get dibs on products and baskets before they sell out.   Contact us at and let us provide you a free quote, or shop online today!

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Starting to look like Christmas

The days are getting shorter, the nights a little cooler.  Soon the leaves will be falling off the trees and there will be a light dusting of snow on everything.  The stores will begin stocking the shelves with Christmas trinkets and ornaments and it will be begin to look a lot like Christmas in the office of Not Just Baskets!  Our elves are already busy browsing the stores and online, looking for just the right products to bring to our customers this year.  We can't wait to showcase what we have already!  Stay tuned...

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