Wellness Gift Basket


We absolutely love Jusu Wellness, a Canadian business with collections that are made from things that naturally protect our bodies, vitalize our minds, and make us feel good inside and out. Things like whole-food vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which all can have positive therapeutic effects. Every single ingredient we select is meticulously chosen with specific intent, efficacy, and is 100% naturally sourced and plant based to support the overall wellness of both you and the planet.  They harness the power of plants to create intelligent products that better our health and our environment.  They believe the standard should be higher. We believe that you deserve better, that your family deserves better, and that our planet deserves better. Jusu is firm on its guiding principle that making natural choices should feel natural, and help sustain healthy living for you and for the environment.

Included in this collection is Laundry detergent, dish soap, deoderizing soft scrub, concentrated cleaner & degreaser, all purpose cleaner and hand soap.  We've also included one of our very own all natural, hand poured lightly scented candle, a stylish Canadian designed tea towel and a 'welcome to our beautiful chaos' fridge magnet.