Spa at Home Gift Basket


The ultimate in luxury, we've included luxurious lotion and soaps from Perth Soap, soothing bath salts and sleep mask from the Bathologist, all natural hand poured tea lights, and the following products from TANIT:

TANIT all-natural shampoo bars are waste-free. One shampoo is equivalent to lowering until three plastic bottles of 250ml. Specially crafted to address a hair type for soft, beautiful results through a sensorial foam experience.

TANIT conditioner bars are all-natural revitalizers for healthier, softer detangled hair. One conditioner is equivalent to lowering up to five plastic bottles of 250 ml.

Soft facial rounds  * Can be washed and reused a hundred times * Soft for sensitive skin * Highly absorbent The future is bamboo is a fellow sustainable Canadian brand. ✔ Certified P.E.T.A - Vegan & Cruelty-free

Silky Scrub is composed of organic prickly pear powder, which is loaded with vitamins and other essential nutrients. The tiny seeds of this fruit leave provide a comfortable, gentle exfoliation for silky-soft skin with a visibly-refined texture.